Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Services refers to a wide range of services that are designed, developed, and delivered on demand to businesses through the internet. At Partners In Tech, our Cloud Based Solutions can provide your business into an innovative, efficient, and streamlined IT managed environment integrating solutions across multiple platforms providing you with an cost-effective solution that increases your organizational efficiently, increases productivity and profitability, and provides customers and staff with greater user satisfaction.


Why Should My Business Switch To A Cloud Based Solution?

Cloud based solutions were developed to streamline applications, systems, and processes over the cloud so that organizations can be managed from anywhere. In a legacy environment, a business might have had one or two servers that all of their applications and systems ran from. Those servers were overworked, needed frequent maintenance, and were overall inefficient, reducing the productivity of you as the owner and your staff. In a Cloud based environment, applications and systems are accessed from the internet and channel through a network of remote servers, typically found in a large datacenter, where they can provide lightning fast efficiency and can be accessed and supported from anywhere.

What Type Of Cloud Based Services Do You Provide?


At Partners In Tech, we provide a number of cloud based services for local businesses. One of the most common need for businesses is to find, implement, and/or develop their own SAAS software. SAAS, or software as a service, are applications and software delivered over the internet versus installed on a local computer. A user would simply log on to the internet and enter in a URL to access an application. This eliminates the need for a business to develop and implement complex hardware and software programs and install them on individual computers. This saves an incredible amount of time and makes the organization overall much more efficient. The other benefit from utilizing cloud-based software is the cost savings. Instead of purchasing a software program outright which may cost thousands of dollars (or more), in most cases, a business simply purchases a license per user significantly reducing your out of pocket expense. The biggest benefits from using SAAS based applications and software are cost, they require little or no maintenance, they are accessible from anywhere (as long as you have access to the internet), updates are typically processed automatically, and they provide a scalable solution for your business.

Another critical cloud-based service that we offer is cloud management. With businesses typically using multiple software applications to manage their business, it can be difficult to keep up on things. Our cloud-based management services allow us to support your business either on-site or remote, allowing us to proactively address issues before they create a headache for you and your staff. With our managed IT services, we can often identify problems before they happen, reducing downtime and increasing your staff productivity. We can also maintenance applications, automate updates, and provide real-time technical support to local computers.

How Do We Do It?

At Partners In Tech, our first goal with any customer is to conduct a thorough needs assessment. Together, we will take a look at your IT infrastructure, determine what opportunities exist, and present you with a comprehensive evaluation. From there, we will discuss with your items that present the greatest overall impacts to the business and work down to providing a complete cloud-based solution for your business.

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